”Haneda Airport Garden Bus Terminal” next to Haneda Airport: Explains routes, facilities, waiting area, and more!(with images)

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Haneda Airport Garden is a commercial complex adjacent to Haneda Airport.
The “Haneda Airport Garden Bus Terminal” occupies one corner of the terminal.

It was established as a departure and arrival point for long-distance buses connecting Haneda Airport with cities throughout Japan, from Tohoku to Nagoya and Osaka areas.

In the same building, you will also find a large collection of Japan’s best gourmet, sundry, and fashion stores!
It is one of the hottest spots in Tokyo.

So, in this issue, we will thoroughly explain the bus terminal at Haneda Airport Garden with images!

We will provide you with plenty of useful information such as departing and arriving from the bus terminal, facilities, access, and how to spend your waiting time.

For more information about Haneda Airport Garden, please refer to this article.


What is the Haneda Airport Garden Bus Terminal?

Haneda Airport Terminal 3 is the closest international terminal to Tokyo.
The Haneda Airport Garden Bus Terminal opened there in March 2023.

Terminal 3 is expected to become an important spot connecting Japan and the rest of the world, with the goal of 24-hour international arrivals and departures in the future.

The long-distance highway bus service is an essential element to provide reasonable and comfortable transportation from the international terminal to other parts of Japan.

The new bus terminal was built as a solution to this problem.

Bus stop and waiting area

Let’s take a look at the bus terminal.

The bus terminal at Haneda Airport Garden is mainly for long-distance buses and has 10 berths.

There are sofas for waiting near the platform, and each sofa has a small side table.
It will be relaxing even if you have to wait for a long time.

digital information board

Each platform has a digital information board so that you can see at a glance which buses are arriving and departing.

Bus stops 1-7 are indoors, so you can wait indoors.
Lots 8-10 are outside, so it is best to stay in the waiting area until the last minute.

And of course, with multipurpose restrooms and convenience stores nearby, even with a baby in tow!

Most buses depart from the bus terminal in the evening and late at night, but we’ve got all the facilities you’ll need while you wait!

Facilities behind the waiting area

I will introduce the details of the facilities in another section.

There is also a ticket window and an automatic ticket vending machine in the waiting area.

It seems that only limousine buses and Keihin Express buses are sold at the ticket vending machines.

Routes (destinations) and travel times

There are 13 long-distance express bus routes departing from Haneda Airport Garden in the following five directions.
The currently known bus terminal stops are also listed below.
(As of March 2023)

Note that the days of operation and bus companies differ depending on the route.

  • For Tohoku area
    Aomori (about 12 hours)
    Yamagata/Sakata (about 10 hours)
    Sendai (about 6 hours)
  • For Kanto area
    Chiba, Soga (about 2 hours): Bus stop #6
  • For Koshinetsu area
    Hakuba (approx. 6 hours): Bus stop #4 or #6 (limited service)
    Nagano (about 6 hours)
    Niigata (about 6 hours and 30 minutes)
  • Hokuriku area
    Kanazawa/Toyama (approx. 7 hr. 30 min. to 9 hr.)
    Kanazawa: from March 10, 2023
  • For Tokai/Kinki area
    Shizuoka (approx. 4 hours): Bus stop #4
    Nagoya/Ise (approx. 6-9 hours): Bus stop No. 5
    Osaka: out of service (as of March 2023)

Click here for the official website of Haneda Airport Garden Bus Terminal

from the press release
Departure information of buses
(on the wall)

It is an attractive way to travel from the suburbs of Tokyo to distant areas at a reasonable price.

Especially for those in the area who feel that taking the Shinkansen is a bit of a waste of time, or that transferring between several trains is a hassle… we highly recommend bus routes that are reasonable and do not require transfers to get you to your destination!

Many bus services departing from Haneda Airport Garden depart at night, so you can enjoy a relaxing meal at the Airport Garden before taking the bus.

Please note that bus services may be cancelled or suspended due to various reasons.
Please be sure to check the official website of the bus company.

Also, please refer to the following article for information on how to access Tokyo and other areas.

Reservation Method, Fees, and Timetable

The bus terminal at Haneda Airport Garden is only a depot for long-distance buses.
It also issues tickets and serves as an information center, but it is basically a collection of bus stops.

Therefore, reservations for long-distance buses and inquiries about their routes should be made at the bus companies that operate them.
All bus companies that serve the bus terminal have their own Web sites, so make reservations there.

The fares are more expensive on the days before national holidays, GW, Obon vacations, and year-end and New Year holidays.
In addition, fares may vary depending on the facilities of the bus.

Please check the fares and plans carefully when booking with each company.

Similarly, each company has its own payment methods.

For Internet reservations, payment methods are…

  • Credit Card Payment
  • Convenience store payment
  • Bank account transfer, Pay-easy, Japan Post Bank payment

And many more.

Many bus companies especially accept credit card payment and convenience store payment.
Some routes offer discounts if you pay with a transportation IC card.

Some buses also offer reservations by phone, or you can get on without a reservation, so please check the official website of each company.

Also, as for the timetable of long-distance buses, it appears that only a few bus services are in full regular operation at this time.

It is recommended to check the timetable when making a reservation.

Bus Terminal & Surrounding Facilities

Haneda Airport Garden

The bus terminal is located on the first floor of Haneda Airport Garden.
The second floor is directly connected to Haneda Airport Terminal 3 via a connecting walkway.

Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Station on the Tokyo Monorail and Keihin Kyuko Line and bus stops for local buses (located on the hotel side) are also directly connected to the Airport Garden for easy access.

The bus terminal also has a “ticket office” and an “information desk“.
If you have any problems, ask here first.

The area with sofas facing the platform serves as a waiting area.

By the way, if you have too much time on your hands, don’t worry.
There are many ways to kill time!

Even if you’ve just arrived in Japan, don’t immediately move on to your next destination, but be sure to wander around the “Haneda Airport Garden”!

First, on the first floor, where the bus terminal is located, there are 10 restaurants offering gourmet food from all over Japan.

“Oedo Food Hall”

There is also a food court called “Oedo Food Hall” with 230 seats.

“Oedo” is an old name for Tokyo.
The interior is decorated in a combination of traditional and modern Japanese style.
The counter seats here have power outlets, so it is convenient if you need a power source.

The second floor is also a shopping area with a variety of traditional and popular Japanese tenants.
Snacks, sweets, and souvenirs are also sold on the second floor, so please check before taking the bus.
A 24-hour convenience store is also located on the second floor.


Next, there are near the bus terminal boarding area,

  • Waiting Area
    Available from 5:30 to 24:00 (available until the last bus departs)
  • Coin-operated lockers
  • Multi-purpose restroom
  • Baby room (with nursing room and breast-feeding facilities)
  • Lebenhaus convenience store
    Open 6:30 – 24:00 (24-hour convenience store is located on the 2nd floor)
  • Smoking area

The surrounding area is equipped with facilities that would be nice to have on the go.

In addition, the Villa Fontaine Haneda Airport adjacent the bus terminal, a large hotel, has a one-day spa “Izumitenku no Yu” that can be used by non-guests.
The baths are open-air and offer a great view of the airport!!

For more detailed information on facilities (coin locker sizes, fees, open-air baths, etc.), please read the following article.

To learn more about baby rooms and child-friendly restaurants, please read the following articles.

Inquiries & Notes

The bus terminal at Haneda Airport Garden is a facility for ticketing and boarding, including a waiting area.

Reservations and cancellations are basically handled by the bus companies that operate the buses.
If you have any questions, please contact the bus company.
Inquiries about bus operation details will not be answered at the bus terminal.

It is also a good idea to keep your reservation and payment e-mails, receipts (for payment at convenience stores, etc.), and bring them with you on the day of the tour, just in case.

Please note that not all bus services start and end at the Haneda Airport Garden.

Some bus routes are via destinations, so please plan to arrive well in advance of your boarding time, and be prepared to accommodate for any time delays in operation times.

On the other hand, you may want to inquire about the facilities of the bus terminal itself.

First, gather information from the official website, and if you still have questions, make inquiries by phone.

Haneda Airport Garden Bus Terminal Basic Information

Bon voyage!